Microsoft enters PC race with XboXXX

On September 23, 2017 Microsoft spokesperson, Michael Rotch, announced that the next Xbox would be the best console the world has ever seen. The secret, Rotch said, is that it will be a PC. Rotch went on to say technobabble bullshit. 
Local Xbox fanboy Tyler E reacted by saying, “Yeah. It makes perfect sense. I’d follow Xbox anywhere and if they wanna make this next leap I’m with them. Hey. I pray to Major Nelson every night, buddy.”
The news has some game enthusiasts baffled. Local nerd Jeff H stated, “isn’t that what Microsoft already does? Don’t they already make PC’s?”
Noice interviewed Rotch. The spokesperson stated, “The irony? What do you mean?”
The XboXXX will allow gamers to mod games, use Xbox One certified controllers, and even access Facebook. Console exclusive include Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Minesweeper and built in digital audio workstation Super Duper Music Looper. Hackers beware; Microsoft has included with price of purchase a 30-day free trial of McAfee. 
Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, weighed in on the subject by saying, “What the fuck?”
Noice News 



First off im going to say I have always been a console type of person. Played the typical runescape on pc when i was younger but have always been drawn in more by consoles.  Playerunknown’s battleground, or PUBG for short, may have changed my outlook lately.

It has honestly been a long time since i have been so excited to play a game. Halo 3 use to get me excited to play and its been hard to find something like that since, but PUBG might have done it. It has seem to rekindle my love for playing games.

I bought it under a whim of seeing others play it on twitch and thought it might be interesting to play. I was really hesitant on it as it was a PC game. I finally bit the bullet and took the chance. Honestly i have no regrets on it at all. It is one of the only games that gets my blood pumping and excited. Even when i lose i dont upset ,to an extent,  i just want to play more and more.

Let me tell you the negatives i find in it before i start the list of positives.

Team kills, team kills, team kills. I know accidents happen especially with friendly fire but a penalty feature should be added in the future. Its irritating playing with a team that loses a squad member and kills to make it end rather than just quiting the team. Other than that i could think of minor fixes that im sure would appear in the long run. Only one map, tho they are coming with more maps, its kind of monotonous having to play the same map every single game

Now on to positives, i could list tons of things i like about this game but i just wanna touch on a few that stand out to me. A developer that cares about its players. Yes its still in beta, early access, but there are updates every week to fix anything that is wrong while adding things.  Another thing i find great is having teams that talks. Tho you wont find that every single game but 90% of the time you will. Group chatting and parties on consoles has ruined the experiences of interacting and meeting other players. So as i am playing more pc i am realizing even tho you have programs such as discord and teamspeak, you still have people that will interact with you. Also finally a game that is just overall fun. Thats all i can, its fun. Its brought me out of the slump of not enjoying games. Everyone i know that games have been excited to play and enjoy it. 

The next step is the release to xbox. I couldnt be any happier as im normally console gaming. Not only that i get to play with even more friends. I believe this to be a smart move but not is too much known of it as of now                                                     2 thumbs up

Overall i give this 2 noice thumbs up, only cause i dont have 3 thumbs. Worth the pick up. And worth just watching gameplay of.