Fighting For the Top

Bu dum… bu dum… bu dum… his heart beating fast, not knowing what to do next. They told him fighting the Red Falcon Organization would be be tough, but he had no idea what he got himself into. He had a chance for a partner and got to cocky, turning him down not knowing he would be fighting aliens instead of humans.
Pressing forward, going deeper into the base, the hero can hear a faint voice letting him know he can do it. Remembering the task at hand he focuses and pushes everything out and concentrates. Taking every weapon he has found along the way there is no stopping him now.
Finally the boss of this place, Red Falcon, has shown his face. Fighting desperately as the hero jumps, dives and shoots his way around the place. As he thinks its over he defeats him, not knowing that he still has to destroy the heart for it to be done. As he walks closer and closer he finds this out for him self. The heart releasing all kinds of insects to fight and destroy him. This is truly a fight to remember as it can be anyways game. Sadly with one miss jump ends it all. As the hero is dying he can see a counter counting down from 10, nothing he can do.
The hero looks over and he is out of quarters, everyone cheering him. As soon as they all realize there are no more change left for him to continue, a disheartening presence surrounded the room. Zach looks over and shouts to the room “Next time ill be the top of the Contra leaderboard and beat this game.” The room erupted with cheers and everyone went back to their games.

Tales of a Technician: Jamaican Lady

Being a service technician can lead to you meeting some interesting people when you have to go to their houses. I am going to  start sharing some of my experiences to allow you to see my view at work.

Today was like any other day, woke up, running late, driving a distance away. Tried to call my customer on two numbers to let her know i was on my way, no answer. As i pull up to this house they have a chain link fence, 6 ft tall. Upon a closer look of it it’s a dog kennel that has been pulled together with ropes, chains and locks. I sit for a minute as i have no way to get in this yard to knock on the door. I put my vehicle in drive to pull off and she comes walking out the door.

I wave and get her attention and she comes over ans unlocks the gate. Walking into the yard she states she has been killing her grass.  Looking around i see that she has a half burned chair and couch with gas cans next to it. I asked if that was why. She stated “No i have had hundreds of flowers die to so cant be”. “Alright on to the house then” i thought.

As i took my first step i went sliding across the floor. No idea what was on the floor i know it was all wet, good thing the living room was like a furniture store. I looked around and counted two love seats, two couches, a old 90s big screen and a fridge, yes a fridge. The living room was probably 30x25ft. 

While i was fixing what was broken i hear some weird knocking sound. Looking around trying to find this sound i found the kitchen. This kitchen had a chainlink dog kennel, two washers, 2 dryers, 2 stoves, 3 mocrowaves, and a fridge with no door. After i seen it she tells me “sorry for the mess I had guest last night”

I finally found this sound that ive heard for 20 minutes though. It was a screen door… with chickens pecking at it. I mean its cool to have chicken but we are in the middle of a neighborhood, in the middle of a major city, where no farm land is in the area at all. I mean ghe candles around the place, im not sure if this is for voodoo rituals or what. I took it as lets fix this and get out of here quick.