Tales of a technician: Whats in the freezer?

Alright now, its been a minute since ive posted. I have been super busy and havent had time. This though is a story i found interesting along my work day.

I get a job put on my page to go install several things. I bebop my way out to this place ready to get it done. As I’m looking for it it’s in a small shopping center. Finally found it in the middle. I dont quite remember the name of it exactly, but i do know it said transportation.

I meet with the customer he explains where everything is going. I notice a giant walk in freezer in the back, thought it was kind of odd. I try not to ask things about stuff like that, because it is really none of my business.

A little bit into the install he explained that the camera i had just put up for him has to point at the thermostat to the freezer, it HAS to. Little bit more into me fixing everything the customer thought it was good and wanted to show me something. Naturally I followed him to the back. We get into this conversation about random stuff, then he opens the freezer.

Once he opened it up, it was one of the last things i expected to see, dead bodies…. I kid you not. I had no clue that their are companies out there that stored dead bodies. Apprently the police and funeral homes pay this guy to store them in freezers and transport them to places they request.

Now i thought that might be that due to me not wanting to talk about it anymore, but was i wrong. It made everything extremely awkward. This made the customer want to joke with locking me in the freezer,  wanting to show me the bodies more and so on. One of the most uncomfortable jobs I’ve been on that’s for sure

Fighting For the Top

Bu dum… bu dum… bu dum… his heart beating fast, not knowing what to do next. They told him fighting the Red Falcon Organization would be be tough, but he had no idea what he got himself into. He had a chance for a partner and got to cocky, turning him down not knowing he would be fighting aliens instead of humans.
Pressing forward, going deeper into the base, the hero can hear a faint voice letting him know he can do it. Remembering the task at hand he focuses and pushes everything out and concentrates. Taking every weapon he has found along the way there is no stopping him now.
Finally the boss of this place, Red Falcon, has shown his face. Fighting desperately as the hero jumps, dives and shoots his way around the place. As he thinks its over he defeats him, not knowing that he still has to destroy the heart for it to be done. As he walks closer and closer he finds this out for him self. The heart releasing all kinds of insects to fight and destroy him. This is truly a fight to remember as it can be anyways game. Sadly with one miss jump ends it all. As the hero is dying he can see a counter counting down from 10, nothing he can do.
The hero looks over and he is out of quarters, everyone cheering him. As soon as they all realize there are no more change left for him to continue, a disheartening presence surrounded the room. Zach looks over and shouts to the room “Next time ill be the top of the Contra leaderboard and beat this game.” The room erupted with cheers and everyone went back to their games.

Concept idea for Grapes of Wrath

I wrote this about 5 years ago. I was taking a class in college, the short time i went, called Intro to video game designing. As a class assignment i had to write a concept idea for a video game and this is what i came up. It may not be written well or proper, but I’m proud of what i came up with. Overall its a mix of different areas of the story about Grapes. I have contemplated on giving it a go and write out a lot more but I’m not entirely sure.  So yeah here it is


As days go by the chances of discovering a new soiled land in this giant world seems impossible. The rainy Night seems to bring hope in helping this adventure out. Vitis, the head scientist and smartest of the town Armenia, lays in bed and wonders how he will be able to return to town without any progress. He pulls his glasses off and goes to sleep. Waking up the next morning bright an early Vitis leaves his sleeping bag and wakes his crew to set out once again in the search for a suitable soil for the dying town to move too. As the hunt continues the clouds slowly disperse and the sun starts to shine. This brings great concern for this group of grapes as they are not able to withstand a constant exposure to the sun. Vitis urges his crew to stay under the trees and plant life to help shield from the sun. After a few more hours of walking there is a discovery of great soil. They problem is there is no shade to help block from the sun. Vitis orders his crew to venture out to the soil to check it out and see how it is. They discover there is something abnormal with this soil its something they have never seen before and get to studying longer and harder than ever. Being in the sun is starting to have an effect on the grapes, they can’t withstand it too much longer. Vitis shouts “just with hold a little longer we are almost in a break through and we need this for Armenia”. Just as he shouted a member of his crew falls over and starts to shrivel. As this happens members of the crew try to get back to the shade away from the grasp of the sun, but it seems to be too late as more and more fall over and start to shrivel. Vitis can’t believe what he is seeing happen before his eyes. He then falls over and is the last to shrivel. Waking up a few minutes later Vitis sees his crew in shambles and starts to remember what just happened minutes before he assumed he was dying. Looks around and starts to wonder whats going on. He walks off to get some water and as he sees a puddle of water and sees his reflection he sees that he has turned into a monster. He is sun-dried out and his now a raisin. He does not understand why he is still alive others that have told the tale of this happening to other grapes said they died. Thinking out loud “Could this be the reason as to why the soil was so abnormal”? Just then Vitis hears grunts and mumbles and sees that the others are waking up as well. One by one the crew is standing up. Looking as they are in a zombie state of mind, Vitis wonders to himself if that because of his I.Q and brain power is that why he his able to think like nothing has happened to him. He tries communicating to the others and no response but they do seem to like to wanna follow his command.

This has brought a new thought to Vitis’s mind he can control this group of “raisin zombies” and start to use them to show those that have tormented and bashed him for his researching and experiment to help take Armenia to a new location. Those that he wants to suffer he can make them pay dearly for doubting him. He no longer has to worry about the sun, people, or anything. Vitis then shouts “Raisin Zombies follow me and we shall show everyone what we have discovered and make them pay!”. He storms off with his new army of Raisin zombies following behind him. Laughing menacingly and having the look of pure evil he starts to work on his diabolical plan.

As Lightning streaks Kerner wakes up from a light sleep into a deep train of thought. Its been 3 yrs since Vitis has started coming to the village and taking away members of his family and his friends. No one really knows the true purpose as to why but all everyone knows is Vitis needs to be stopped. Kerner walks to his window and stares out it reminiscing of those he has lost to Vitis and the Raisin zombies. He decides to get more sleep, he has a long morning ahead of him. Kerner is almost set to head out to go to his Boxing class, as he grabs his gloves to walk out the he hears a loud scream. Running out to see where this scream came from. He notices that Vitis and Raisins are back and are taking more people. Running as fast as he can to Cinsault’s house, His closest and most dear friend who he has grown up with all his life, to find that the Raisins have invaded. Cinsault is trying to battle off a horde of the raisins with her staff she uses for training. Kerner throws his gloves on and joins the fight to fend them off. As Kerner throws the last punch he turns to Cinsault and says “ Cin are you ok, did they hurt you in anyway?” They here a yelp from in the house. They see a group running and see that Cin’s little brother, pinot, is tied up and over the shoulder of the biggest one of the group. Cin screams “PINOT!” but it is too late they vanish out of sight.

Kerner tries to chase them but they are too far out his reach. As they get in a buggy, a moving building powered by insects, and escape. Worried about Cin he rushes to a devastated girl crying. He feels bad for Cin and knows how much her little brother ment to here after her parents were the first ones to be kidnapped on the start of all this 3 years ago. He wants to consul her but he just doesn’t know what its like to lose a family member especially since he was forced to live alone after his parents died when he was an infant. All Kerner knows is that Cin is the closest thing he has ever had and he hates to see her in this state. “ Cin I vow that I will hunt them down till I find Pinot even if I lose my life” Kerner says with such passion. She yells “Kern, there is nothing you can do just give it up” but as she knows he has always been a hard-headed fool that will do anything once he sets his mind to it no matter what the danger is, After grabbing material Kerner starts to set off on his journey. After 5 steps he sees Cin walking behind him “What do you think you are doing Cin.” Cin says “ im going with you he is my brother and you are my friend I don’t want you taking this burden on alone” He understands her pain is great so he allows this. “Grab your staff and let’s get going we will find him no matter what.

***************JOURNEY STARTS HERE***********

After Adventuring off into the vast world out there Kerner and Cinsault have discovered many things they have never knew existed. Also they have noticed that Many of Vitis’s army of mutants and raisin zombies are running free in this world attacking town after town. Kidnapping not only fellow towns of grapes but also the cherry lands, apple orchids and many more. As they go from one village to another they are noticing all this destruction and tragedies. Stopping to help as many as they can along the way taking time to help those that are in need. They may be in a rush to save Pinot but they can’t deny those that need just as much help from the same things going on. As they are passing the outskirts of the cherry central. They run into a hut and see it’s still being used. This may be a chance for them to have a decent nights and gain some stamina to continue their journey. As they are set to knock on the door a Whip slices the air in between Kerner and Cinsault.. They Jump back to turn and see that it’s a black Cherry women with long blonde hair that is in 2 braids. She was wielding a vine whip as ready for battle. Mysterious woman yells “Who are you and what do you want, Why are you in my land”. Before Either one of them can get a word out they find themselves battling to save their lives. Kerner pulls out his glove and Cinsault readies her staff and they begin a battle they want no part of. As things keep heating up it seems that the mysterious women is starting to look a little worn out. “Stop I beg you I will give you what you want” she says. Kerner puts down the gloves and tells her “We only were passing by and just wanted a place to rest”. “We mean no harm honest we just wanted to talk” says Cin. “I am Marachina, and this is my land after I was banished from my home village.” As they enter the home of Marachina, Kerner speaks. “ I’m Kerner and this is Cin, we have been traveling across the land looking for Vitis in an attempt to get her brother back. We were just looking for a place to where we could possibly have a short rest rather than the woods like we have been.” Marachina sits and ponders for a second on this. “you guys may stay but on only if you could gather some ingredients for some medicine I am making.” They agree and start to head out to help out Marachina.

After all items are collected they head back and begin to enjoy the night with a little bit of company. They havent had the chance to really stay and get to know a person in a few weeks and its been kind of nice for them. After the stories have been exchanged there is just one more they are curious about before its time for bed. “Marachina why exactly were you banned from your village”. She stands up and storms to her bedroom “ That’ss nothing you need to know about now get some rest you must leave early”. Last thing Kerner hears before she is gone is her door slamming.

Waking up the next morning Cin and Kerner pack their stuff and try to say bye to Marachina before they leave. No luck in finding her. “ she must have left early Kern” Cin says. “yeah lets try and get out of her hair before we are anymore of a hindrance on her”. Walking out the door wishing they had one more chance to at least thank Marachina for her hospitality they head off back on the journey. After a few minutes Marachina has appeared in front of the pair. “im coming with you, I have my own agenda and I think we can help and lend each other a hand” She seems pretty determined so Neither Kern or Cin deny her but welcome her to the group.

We see a roly poly bouncing around the forest exploring what is all around him early in the morning. He finds a group of people sleeping and see they have plenty of yummy things in some backpacks. He decides to scoop all these things up and snack on them later. Just as he is bouncing off Kerner he awakes and sees the tail end of him disappear into the dawn. Wide awake realizing that all his stuff was stolen he awakes the others. The group stumbles around to find that everything they had from medicines, to food, to even their weapons have been stolen. They take off to try to find this roly poly that has taken everything they had. Being in this heavily dense forest with many creatures running around is going to turn to a problem for the group. —-