Netflix Original: Death Note Review



This is a hard one for me to review. I loved the anime, but tried to watch this as if it was a new adaption of the whole thing. I still find myself pulling at it still so i will just write how i feel about it mixed together.

Light is a kid in school that is portrayed as a genius. He is sitting at school and a note book falls from the sky, as he picks up and walks off he runs into a situation and finds himself in detention. While there he pulls the notebook out and reads a little of the rules. As he is reading he meets Ryuk for the first time and gets slight tutorial on how the notebook works. It has the power to kill those whose names are written in it. Wanting to help save society Light uses the book to kill criminals that are heavily wanted and damaging the world, causing him to be a wanted criminal with the name Kira. A detective only known as L is sent to trace him down and help solve how Kira is doing these things and bring him down.



Now I will start of saying if you want to watch the movie without any knowledge of it being a manga/anime it is a great move. If you depend heavily on it being a straight carbon copy of it, then you will be upset.
I actually really enjoyed the movie as it is. Could have been better yes, but overall I thought it was put together well. Characters were alright and acted out well, did awesome with the effects and script, and also had me wanting more and more of it. It did leave it on a cliff hanger and even though I know the ultimate results i hate that they left it like that. I want more of it and to see how its all played out. The fresh take on it is a nice revamp of the series.
My negatives on this are going to be a lotttttttt more than the positives, its just how its gotta be. Not taking away from the movie as a whole but the parts that ruined the movie to make me just dislike parts. One thing that bothers me the most is his love interests, Mia, was a cheerleader that he became slightly obsessed with. Tho the craziness from both sides made it nice it just bothered me that he was more obsessed and swayed by emotion. In the manga/anime Misa was the one obsessed and would do anything to make him happy. Another negative that I found was they did not portray Light the way he should have. He was a super genius 10 steps ahead of everyone else. I wanted SO BAD to watch Light’s and L’s psychological battle of knowing each other as the enemy but L cant prove Light is Kira, and Light cant figure out L’s name. That let me down so much, it was part of the reason that i fell in love with Death Note. It worked the brain and made you want the bad guy to win even though he was a psychopath.  Light was not shown as a genius throughout out the movie. Yes at the beginning, while he was doing homework for others, he was shown to be a smart kid. Yes at the end with his way of killing the girl, getting himself in a coma and having others kill for him so he is not seen as Kira was smart and showing that off. WHERE was it the rest of the movie tho.
To me those are some MAJOR things they could have not messed with that takes away from it. Its what made Death Note so popular and so fantastic.

Overall I give it 1.5 NOICE thumbs up.

1.5 thumbs up


First off im going to say I have always been a console type of person. Played the typical runescape on pc when i was younger but have always been drawn in more by consoles.  Playerunknown’s battleground, or PUBG for short, may have changed my outlook lately.

It has honestly been a long time since i have been so excited to play a game. Halo 3 use to get me excited to play and its been hard to find something like that since, but PUBG might have done it. It has seem to rekindle my love for playing games.

I bought it under a whim of seeing others play it on twitch and thought it might be interesting to play. I was really hesitant on it as it was a PC game. I finally bit the bullet and took the chance. Honestly i have no regrets on it at all. It is one of the only games that gets my blood pumping and excited. Even when i lose i dont upset ,to an extent,  i just want to play more and more.

Let me tell you the negatives i find in it before i start the list of positives.

Team kills, team kills, team kills. I know accidents happen especially with friendly fire but a penalty feature should be added in the future. Its irritating playing with a team that loses a squad member and kills to make it end rather than just quiting the team. Other than that i could think of minor fixes that im sure would appear in the long run. Only one map, tho they are coming with more maps, its kind of monotonous having to play the same map every single game

Now on to positives, i could list tons of things i like about this game but i just wanna touch on a few that stand out to me. A developer that cares about its players. Yes its still in beta, early access, but there are updates every week to fix anything that is wrong while adding things.  Another thing i find great is having teams that talks. Tho you wont find that every single game but 90% of the time you will. Group chatting and parties on consoles has ruined the experiences of interacting and meeting other players. So as i am playing more pc i am realizing even tho you have programs such as discord and teamspeak, you still have people that will interact with you. Also finally a game that is just overall fun. Thats all i can, its fun. Its brought me out of the slump of not enjoying games. Everyone i know that games have been excited to play and enjoy it. 

The next step is the release to xbox. I couldnt be any happier as im normally console gaming. Not only that i get to play with even more friends. I believe this to be a smart move but not is too much known of it as of now                                                     2 thumbs up

Overall i give this 2 noice thumbs up, only cause i dont have 3 thumbs. Worth the pick up. And worth just watching gameplay of.

Netflix Original “GLOW” Review


While browsing through the Netflix list i found the Trailer for Glow. The show intrigued me for the fact that myself, as well as some of the other Noice Guys, have been huge fans of wrestling as kids and we still watch it at times today. It’s a thing that is not too often chosen to be in the plot of movies these days. I thought it was neat to see someone bringing it into the spot light. The new series is brought to us by the team that makes Orange is the New Black. It would be something that most would be interested in checking out that might enjoyed the aforementioned prison drama.
   Glow is about a struggling actress, Ruth, in the 80’s trying to find her big break. She tries to push her acting to the limits even though people do not want trying to look as a standout. After all seems to hit rock bottom, she gets a chance to try out for a role. At the role audition Ruth finds out it’s for wrestling. Hesitant at first, she comes to find out its more than she thought as she can act and create as much as she would like with all ideas being allowed. The producer, Sam, is a B rated movie maker that couldn’t care less about the whole project, but it’s all for the sake of being able to make a movie for himself. Sam gets twelve ragtag girls together to make this happen with out any training or background in wrestling.
Now as I watched this I, for some reason, thought there would be a ton of wrestling. I was strongly mistaken. It’s a lot of training building up to the big event as well as showing some of the backgrounds of the girls. The series pulls more drama than expected though it was not a bad watch. The wrestling show is listed as a comedy. Although, it was not as comedic as I once thought. At times, I would see my self kinda losing interest and at the same time wanting to rewind it to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I binged watched all ten episodes in one sitting on my day off. So, it pulled me in wanting more.
As i seen them starting from scratch having to build their own personas, backgrounds, and costumes it gave me a flashback to watching The Rise and Fall of ECW. Seeing them having to start from scratch and do every bit of work to make it happen. They are not only wrestling they are their own promoters, makeup artist, and announcers. It really gave a look into what it would take to actually pull off putting your own show on.
Overall, I would have to give it a a seven. The series was not the best show Netflix has come out with but it wasn’t bad. The show felt as if they tried to pull it into a direction it didn’t need to go.