Netflix Original: Death Note Review



This is a hard one for me to review. I loved the anime, but tried to watch this as if it was a new adaption of the whole thing. I still find myself pulling at it still so i will just write how i feel about it mixed together.

Light is a kid in school that is portrayed as a genius. He is sitting at school and a note book falls from the sky, as he picks up and walks off he runs into a situation and finds himself in detention. While there he pulls the notebook out and reads a little of the rules. As he is reading he meets Ryuk for the first time and gets slight tutorial on how the notebook works. It has the power to kill those whose names are written in it. Wanting to help save society Light uses the book to kill criminals that are heavily wanted and damaging the world, causing him to be a wanted criminal with the name Kira. A detective only known as L is sent to trace him down and help solve how Kira is doing these things and bring him down.



Now I will start of saying if you want to watch the movie without any knowledge of it being a manga/anime it is a great move. If you depend heavily on it being a straight carbon copy of it, then you will be upset.
I actually really enjoyed the movie as it is. Could have been better yes, but overall I thought it was put together well. Characters were alright and acted out well, did awesome with the effects and script, and also had me wanting more and more of it. It did leave it on a cliff hanger and even though I know the ultimate results i hate that they left it like that. I want more of it and to see how its all played out. The fresh take on it is a nice revamp of the series.
My negatives on this are going to be a lotttttttt more than the positives, its just how its gotta be. Not taking away from the movie as a whole but the parts that ruined the movie to make me just dislike parts. One thing that bothers me the most is his love interests, Mia, was a cheerleader that he became slightly obsessed with. Tho the craziness from both sides made it nice it just bothered me that he was more obsessed and swayed by emotion. In the manga/anime Misa was the one obsessed and would do anything to make him happy. Another negative that I found was they did not portray Light the way he should have. He was a super genius 10 steps ahead of everyone else. I wanted SO BAD to watch Light’s and L’s psychological battle of knowing each other as the enemy but L cant prove Light is Kira, and Light cant figure out L’s name. That let me down so much, it was part of the reason that i fell in love with Death Note. It worked the brain and made you want the bad guy to win even though he was a psychopath.  Light was not shown as a genius throughout out the movie. Yes at the beginning, while he was doing homework for others, he was shown to be a smart kid. Yes at the end with his way of killing the girl, getting himself in a coma and having others kill for him so he is not seen as Kira was smart and showing that off. WHERE was it the rest of the movie tho.
To me those are some MAJOR things they could have not messed with that takes away from it. Its what made Death Note so popular and so fantastic.

Overall I give it 1.5 NOICE thumbs up.

1.5 thumbs up

5 Manga Recommendations

Personally I love to read manga. For those that do read this and don’t know what  exactly manga is, it is in a nutshell a Japanese style comics/graphic novels that is primarily read from right to left. Other countries do get involved in them as well. It can target not only kids but adults as well. They can reach out to absolutely any genre that you can think of. I always tell people there is a manga out there for everyone. When reading this i find myself so involved in the stories that i become addicted to it and can read them in a blink of an eye. Not everyone can get into them but for those that do and those that want to try reading them i figured i would give you a list of 5 that i personally find enjoyable in no specific order to recommend.

1) Imawa no Kuni no Alice (Alice in Borderland.


Shounen, Action, Psychological

Synopsis (based on )
Alice Ryouhei will leave high school soon, but he’s trying to avoid thinking about his future. Late one night, when he’s hanging out with his tough friend Karube and his silly, girl-crazy friend Chota, they see fireworks. After one blindingly bright explosion, they find themselves waking up in a different world. In this “Borderland,” people are forced to either participate in potentially deadly games or simply die. Will Chota, Karube, and Ryouhei be able to survive this dangerous new world, and is there a way they can get back to their original lives?

Why i Recommend It
LOVE LOVE LOVE. When i first found this it was only half way through the series. Now that is has finish i couldn’t be happier with the ending. It kept me on my toes the entire time, waiting to see what happens next. The brilliance that the story writes have to be able to not only invent the games they are forced to play, but how the entire thing plays out. You get invested into the games yourself trying to figure out yourself the proper way to play them to win. I promise you will not regret picking this up.

2) Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

Sports, Action, Comedy

Synopsis. (based on )
Makunouchi Ippo has been bullied his entire life. Constantly running errands and being beaten up by his classmates, Ippo has always dreamed of changing himself, but never has the passion to act upon it. One day, in the midst of yet another bullying, Ippo is saved by Takamura Mamoru, who happens to be a boxer. Ippo faints from his injuries and is brought to Takamura boxing gym to recover. As he regains consciousness, he is awed and amazed at his new surroundings in the gym, though lacks confidence to attempt anything. Takamura places a photo of Ippo’s classmate on a punching bag and forces him to punch it. It is only then that Ippo feels something stir inside him and eventually asks Takamura to train him in boxing. Thinking that Ippo does not have what it takes, Takamura gives him a task deemed impossible and gives him a one week time limit. With a sudden desire to get stronger, for himself and his hard working mother, Ippo trains relentlessly to accomplish the task within the time limit. Thus Ippo’s journey to the top of the boxing world begins.

Why i Recommend It
1989…. That is when this manga started. Not only is it a classic but it is STILL GOING. Never been big boxing fan, but after reading this it had struck a fire under me that made me fall in love with the sport. Not only do the characters keep you laughing, it teaches you a lot. Lets start with characters. Ippo just wanted to try it and ends up as a world class fighter wanting to take the world on. He has several gym mates that show you how friends exactly are. There for you till the end but will nag and make fun of you as much as they can.
As far as the boxing aspect go i have learned so much. The one thing i love is how much research goes into manga to make it seem as authentic as they can. They go from teaching you about Mike Tyson’s peek a boo style to teaching about the Dempsey Roll from Jack Dempsey, who boxed in the early 1900’s. Gives you an understanding of the sport.


3) The God of Highschool
The God of High School Manga

Action, Comedy, Webtoon

When an island half-disappears from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization sends out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world.“If you win you can have ANYTHING you want.” they claim. They’re recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of High School.

Why i Recommend It
To be honest, I could overwhelm you with the amount of characters that are in this. Jin Mo-Ri joins with a unique style of fighting, Renewal Taekwondo,  to start this tournament. The Tournament continues to get bigger and bigger. Not only that but it gets better and better.
It ventures into tons and tons of battles that keeps you entertained the entire time. More and more unique powers and abilities appear that you wouldnt ever think of. How they come up with some of the stuff they do, i applaud them. It can not be easy.
Trust me i wanna say so much more but i feel like if i do i will spoil it. Then there would no point in you reading it. Check it out you wont want to put it down.



4) Kamisama no Iutoori 1 and 2

Kamisama no Iutoori    Kamisama no Iutoori 2

Action. Horror. Psychological

Part 1— Takahata Shun’s day at high school begins just as normal and boring as ever, but it doesn’t end that way. After his teacher’s head explodes, he and his classmates find themselves forced to play children’s games, such as Daruma ga Koronda (a game like Red Light/Green Light), with deadly stakes. With no idea who is behind this mysterious deadly game session, and no way of knowing when it will finally end, the only thing Shun and other students can do is keep trying to win…

Part 2— The series starts at the same time as the original but follows the survival story of new characters, particularly the ones who didn’t go to school at the first day, who face different challenges than those in the first series.

Why i Recommend It
I know two different manga but i count them as one and here is why. They both have different characters, but exist in the same exact time. One is the kids that went to school and the other is the ones that didn’t go. They both start as separate schools and eventually you will see them meet up into one. I find that amazing when they continue and bring characters you haven’t thought of in a while and give you the answers you thought you didn’t need.
The games alone make you wonder what kind of demon would put kids through this punishment. It keeps them playing for survival in child like games with brutal punishments. Keeps you wanting more and rooting for people you wouldn’t think you would want to win. Definitely worth every page it takes to read both.

5) The Gamer

Image result

Action, Adventure, Webtoon

Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities and even level up. Soon after, he discovers the Abyss, a world made for Ability users like him but he realizes his best friend since childhood, Shin Sun-Il, is a high-ranking Ability user that has been hiding his secret for years. Sun-Il introduces the Abyss to him and Jee-Han continues to find out new features of his ability as well as more of the hidden world.

Why i Recommend It
Well first off, how amazing would it be to have everything seem like a game with pop up menus, raising stats,  and having an inventory box. It is neat to see how the world unfolds for Han that lets him see everything like a game. It is something that everyone has imagined. If you are a gamer and like manga this will be something you would enjoy reading. They keep you laughing and seeing the perks of the gamer ability makes you want it that much more.