Tales of a Technician: Taxi Service

This day started like any other day. Woke up saw my jobs on where to go and headed out. I noticed i had the same woman’s name twice on my page both houses on opposite sides of town. Makes it nice so that way i can deal with one person most the day.
Well i pull up to the house and see no vehicles in the yard, but still decided to knock. As i knock i hear a yelling from the door screaming at me “GO TO THE BACK DOOR!” I comply. The door opens and come to find out the whole place is being renovated. Perfectly explains the reason why we couldn’t deal with the front door. As I’m doing my walk through, while dodging the holes in the floor, we are ready to get started.
I like to make small talk with customers while working if they are going to be breathing down my neck the whole time I am there, so i started asking about the renovation. Boy let me tell you i was very wrong about it. She had apparently been just sleeping in a back room and they bought the house to fix up 2 years prior. They just haven’t felt like getting it up and going until recently. Not sure as when they are going to start.
Well i get to the end of the job getting everything sorted out. Before i call my Field Support Center, I ask her “So was someone coming to get you and take you to the other house?”
She tells me “Well i got a little bit of money I am going to get you lunch” not answering the question. I told her she didn’t have to and all that cause i had my own lunch. Then she decides to tell me ” Well how else am i going to make up for you taking me to the other house?” Confused as can be i just look at her and ask her what she is talking about.
She told me i am suppose to take her to the other side of town in my company vehicle as its part of my job to take care of the customer. After scratching my head wondering how she thought that I had to explain to her that i am in a company vehicle, she is not on the insurance and i could lose my job with her riding with me. After a back and forth discussion she finally gets it in her mind what I’m trying to tell her. So she orders her a taxi.
On to the extremely fun part.
 I pull up to the house and the first thing the customer tells me is “You are not afraid of Roaches are you?” . Not that I’m thrilled with having to deal with roaches at any house, but i still tell her “No they don’t bother me too much.” trying to be nice.
Well i as we do the walk through i see a couple here and there, so not a big deal. I get started on the job and get my stuff out. As i set my laptop up i see more and more roaches appear. Decide to keep my electronics out side.
As i pull the old alarm panel keypad off the wall I am immediately ambushed by roaches. If i could have counted them all i would have counted to at least 384,489. I had to explain to the woman that i did not feel comfortable getting in the attic and why i wasn’t. An awkward conversation to say the least. I am trying to install her new stuff and i swear to you that the roaches were helping me install every bit of it. I needed gloves and sanitation stuff all around me to help.
Wrapping up the job, my box of trash sitting out in the living room. Contemplating on what to do with it I decide to put it in my van. As i go to pick it up i see roaches have decided to play Game Of Thrones and overthrow the kingdom of trash box. I had no choice to leave it there. The customer told me to take it with me. Only thing that came to mind to prevent my van from being taken over by the Roach Walkers was to tell her she bought the box with the equipment and it was hers to keep in case she needed to mail it to us.
I have made it out the house and along my way. Almost mugged by the roaches and taken to their leader but i survived.

Author: noiceentertainment


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